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Latest News

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21st October 2008 19:25

Much of the update that has just been posted has been gleaned from postings by members of the Croydon Tramlink Yahoo Group and the owners of the website would like to thank them all for keeping the group alive over the past 18 months. I shall not name names because if I do, I'm bound to miss someone out and then I will be in trouble. So thanks guys.

We hope to maintain a regular news update from now on, so any stories about the day to day running of Tramlink would be appreciated. Please send them to me, Gerry Cork, email gerry (at) tramlink (dot) co (dot) uk or if you are a member of the Yahoo Group, post them there.

Thanks also to the outgoing management of TCL for their support and assistance in the past. We wish them all the very best for the future.

Gerry Cork

Article in T&UT
21st October 2008 19:09

A two page spread in the September issue of Tramway and Urban Transit Outlines the new Director's aims to make Tramlink a "Premier Network".

Gerry Cork

Name change
21st October 2008 19:08

A small but significant change has also been announced. The system will now be known as Tramlink rather than Croydon Tramlink. This reflects the true "interurban" nature of Tramlink in that it might have its hub in Croydon but it serves places a fair distance away from that. Perhaps it also makes the brand name applicable if (let's hope that's "when") the system is expanded.

Gerry Cork

Management Changes
21st October 2008 19:07

Although no official announcement has been seen, (but I'm sure one has been issued) the September issue of Tramways and Urban Transit, the LRTA monthly magazine, carries the story that of eight management staff previously employed by Tramtrack Croydon Ltd, seven of these, including Roger Harding, General Manager, have accepted redundancy. The one person remaining and now a TfL employee is the office secretary.

The new Director of Tramlink is Phil Hewitt.

Gerry Cork

Crystal Palace extension
21st October 2008 19:06

In the same London Assembly session mentioned below, it was confirmed that there is currently funding in the TfL Business Plan up to 2010 to continue the development work on the Crystal Palace extension. However, worryingly, it was added that there was currently no Government funding for implementation.

The full text is available here:-

Gerry Cork

Questions asked in the London Assembly on 16th July 2008
21st October 2008 19:03

Further information on the improvements planned came to light in Boris Johnson's answers to a question put by Valerie Shawcross, Labour member of the Assembly for the Lambeth and Southwark constituency, and Chair of the GLA Transport Committee. In his reply Mr Johnson lists the service improvements already implemented, tramstop "deep cleaning", repairs and improvements to signage, rolling stock improvements including more "deep cleaning", moquette replacement with a more eye catching and durable material, a new livery replacing the red and white scheme currently carried and virtually untouched since the system opened in 1999/2000, and improvments ot eh on-tram signs and announcements.

He then went on to add graffiti removal from the whole system, stops and trams, and enhanced system cleaning and litte picking which would include upgrading of the tram washing plant "to prevent the build-up of limescale deposits on windows etc".

Increased security and poicing arrangements are also on the cards.

Some track repairs would also be needed around central Croydon, he said, to replace defective and worn out points and curves.

Gerry Cork

Service improvements
21st October 2008 19:02

The first major upgrading of the service levels occured with effect from 20 July when the evening and Sunday frequency on the Beckenham and Elmers End lines was doubled from 30 minutes to 15 minutes, which means that there are now 8 trams an hour over the Arena to Sandilands section. A TfL press release dated 14 July announcing this was issued although this is not now available on line.

I will therefore quote it in full here:-

"Transport for London begins improvement of Croydon Tramlink

14 July 2008

"In the first of a series of improvements to the Croydon Tramlink, from
20 July TfL will increase the tram service on the Beckenham Junction
and Elmers End routes so that trams run every 15 minutes during
evenings and Sundays.

"This improvement will make travel more convenient for passengers and
brings the tram timetable into line with the TfL policy of providing a
'turn up and go' service.

"Previously, there was a 30-minute wait between trams on these routes
at these times.

"Passengers identified an increase in services as their top priority in
a survey conducted for TfL in May just prior to TfL's takeover of the
Croydon Tramlink. Of those interviewed, 28 per cent said they wanted
trams to run more often.

"The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, said: 'One of the major reasons
for Transport for London taking control of the Croydon Tramlink last
month was to improve the service for the passengers who rely on it.

"'Passengers have told us that they need a more frequent service, and
I'm pleased that we have been able to deliver this so swiftly.

"'This is the first of many improvements that will be designed to make
Tramlink, and the rest of the transport network, more convenient,
reliable and safe.'

"Managing Director of TfL London Rail, Ian Brown, said: 'We are pleased
to be able to reduce waiting times so soon after taking over Tramlink.
These apparently small improvements will make a big difference for our

"'We are also working on a number of other upgrades including
refurbishing trams and stops and improving policing on the network.'"

Gerry Cork

Transport for London buys Tramlink
21st October 2008 18:58

An important event which will inevitably have some far reaching effects on the way Tramlink is financed and operated was confirmed on 30 June 2008. Transport for London has taken over ownership of Tramlink in a £98m deal.

The deal was signed on 27 June by the Managing Director of TfL London Rail and the Directors of Tramtrack Croydon Ltd, the concession holder that previously owned the Tramlink Network, bringing to an end the 99 year concession agreement which still had 88 years to run. It is envisaged that in taking over the company, TfL will save £millions in payments to TCL which amounted to £4m in 2007 and was expected to increase significantly had the status quo been maintained.

Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, is quoted as saying that "this is marvellous news for tram fans (meaning those in favour of trams in general rather than enthusiasts) and a fantastic deal for Londoners. We are going to ensure fares are kept affordable and improve services at the same time."

The full story is available on the TfL website.

The first visible signs of this change of ownership was the appearence of white "strap-lines" on the trams on white vinyl announcing That Transport for London NOW RUN (door) THIS BIT (door) THIS BIT (c-section) THIS BIT (door) THIS BIT (door) OF THIS TRAM. The vinyls have been applied down each side of the trams at the level of the windows in the lower sections so that they appear in a straight line for the full elngth of the tram. They wrap around on the drivers cap but not across the front.

Gerry Cork

Tram named in Stephen's honour
22nd October 2007 00:26

On Saturday 20th October 2007, Tramlink named a tram in Stephen's honour. A special report, complete with photographs is available here.

Mark Hatton

Thank you
21st April 2007 11:07

Hilary and myself would like to thank everyone who has contributed so
generously to the Kent & East Sussex Railway Pannier Tank appeal in
memory of our son Stephen. I have been advised by the appeal coordinator
that the total donated as at 1st April was a little over £3000. There
have been some very generous donations particularly from those
associated with Stephens employers GE Transportation Systems.

It is a great comfort to both of us that Stephen was held in such
high regard by many people in the many aspects of his life.

Many thanks

Peter Parascandolo

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